Sustainable Chemistry Bachelor

Sustainable Chemistry

Green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances. Sustainable and green chemistry in very simple terms is just a different way of thinking about how chemistry and chemical engineering can be done.[1]

Introduction to Sustainable Chemistry

The Sustainable Chemistry Bachelor's program will provide you with the skills to evaluate chemical syntheses and processing methods. Taught in English, it will equip you with the technical knowledge, theoretical understanding, and laboratory skills to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and industry. As a participant in the program, you will develop a thorough comprehension of creating sustainable chemicals, materials, and processes, focusing primarily on the principles of sustainable chemistry. You will learn concepts like the destiny of chemicals and their toxicological effects on the environment and human health. Upon completion of our program, you will have the capability to assess chemical syntheses and material production in alignment with the UN's sustainability goals, the principles of Green Chemistry, and the basic principles of life cycle assessment.

The Bachelor's program is led by professors and experienced researchers in chemistry, as well as industrial scientists and specialists in toxicology. We incorporate problem-based learning sessions to enhance your scientific skills.

  • The program is 180 ECTS.
  • The program consists of 22 mandatory courses (in total 158 ECTS) as well as an industrial intership (10 ECTS)  and the bachelor thesis (12 ECTS).

You can find the detailed curriculum here.


Information will follow soon.


Information will follow soon.

Further Information

For more information on admission requirements, the course of study and career fields, please visit the website of the Central Student Advisory Service for the Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Chemistry.

Information on the online application procedure for the available study places can be found on the website of the student admission and registration (national and international).

The degree BSc in Sustainable Chemistry will allow you to pursue a career in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, consulting or in start-up companies that require a strong background in sustainable technologies and scientific analytical thinking. With the Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Chemistry, you will be able to continue a Master of Science program in Chemistry and/or Sustainable Chemistry.

Sustainability is one of the key disciplines of our time. Many of our research groups have a long history of working on new materials, the biology of ecosystems, atmospheric chemistry, the synthesis of new compounds, the modeling of chemical reactions, the chemistry of our food, and the effects of compounds on cells and organisms. This expertise is currently being used in several joint projects:

  • Impact of metal-based compounds on cells, organisms and the environment

  • Development of quantum mechanical and mass spectrometric methods for atmospheric and environmental research

  • Chemistry of and with Food Loss from Apples

  • (Photo)electrochemical depolymerization of lignin

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