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Glass blowing workshop


To submit your order, please use our order form.

Orders can be submitted by all members of the working groups in the chemistry department.
In the production of apparatus and glass devices as well as repairs, Robin Brüning will assist you concerning questions in the laboratory glass area.

Drawings / sketches / comprehensibility

In order to be able to meet your wishes for new products, developments or for precise repairs, you need to submit drawings or sketches including dimensions as well as additional information for special requests.
Think in advance what you need to have included or incorporated, how and where, and mark it on the order form or on additional sheet accordingly. Samples or photos of samples can be very helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Robin Brüning.


  • All necessary dimensions (which are often more than you think!) Should be given in "mm".
  • All valves, ground joints, hose nozzles, filter plates, threads, flanges, etc. must be recognizable and their size must be named. (A ground joint always consists, for example, of 2 parts, the standard ground joint sleeve / "NSH" and the standard ground joint core / "NSK". The numerical values ​​apply to the size specifications.)
  • Dimensions of the entire length of the body of glass appliances are generally measured and specified from or to the lower edge of the ground joint.
  • The “perfect drawing” certainly does not always have to and cannot be worked out, but it should be clear what exactly you want in order to be able to build it. If you run into problems, please contact Robin Brüning in advance.
  • All materials (except raw materials such as glass tubes and rods) must be attached to the orders and the corresponding procurement must be organized by yourself.

Processing time

Our glass blowing workshop is a "one-man operation". The processing time of your order therefore depends heavily on the current order situation. You should therefore plan a certain lead time! A chronological order of the orders is kept, which means that a date of submission is important on your order.

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