Food Chemistry

Food Chemistry - Staatsexamen

General information

The degree program for Food Chemistry starts in the winter and in the summer term.

All of our Chemistry degree programs are taught in German. A profound knowledge of the German language is therefore required.
German language courses are offered by the University of Wuppertal.

International applicants should send their application documents directly to the Student admission and registration for international students  (Internationales Studierendensekretriat) of the University of Wuppertal. 

More Information

Course of studies

Our food chemistry program is divided into basic studies (4 semesters), main studies (4 semesters) and a thesis (1 semester) concluded by a state examination.

The basic studies in food chemistry are almost similar to the bachelor's degree in chemistry. In the basic course, modules from the Bachelor's degree in chemistry are predominantly studied. These include the extended basics of chemistry as well as the basics of physics and mathematics. In addition to the chemistry bachelor's program, some courses in biological subjects are offered - the scope of other subjects such as physics or physical chemistry has been reduced in comparison.
The basic course is completed with a state intermediate examination in anorganic, physical, organic and analytic chemistry as well as physics and biology.

The main studies in food chemistry focus on the following topics:

  • Chemistry and food analysis
  • Food technology ( ingredients, additives, residues and contaminants in food as well as drinking water, cosmetics, consumer goods and animal feed)
  • Applied biochemistry and nutrition
  • Microbiology and hygiene
  • Toxicology and environmental analysis
  • Food law and quality management in the food industry

In the 9th semester, students write a scientific thesis (length of 6 months) and complete their studies with the 1st state examination. Afterwards, a twelve-month professional training in an official food control lab, the food industry or a independend laboratory must be completed, which is followed by the second state examination. After the 1st state examination or after the practical training, a PhD program can be added.

Application and Admission
The program in food chemistry is restricted to 25 admissions in the winter term plus 15 admissions in the summer term.
Applications have to be submitted online
- for the summer term in the period from end of December until January, 15
- for the winter term in the period from mid of June until July, 15

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