School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Professor Dr. Gertrud Lohaus

Molecular Plant Research / Plant Biochemistry / Botany





We work on the metabolism and transport of sugars and amino acids in plants and plant materials using biochemical and molecular genetic methods.

  • Analysis of the different levels and mechanisms of regulation of nectar composition.
  • Botanical, zoological and geographical identification of honeydew.
  • Analysis of phloem loading mechanisms in trees.
  • Influence of different environmental conditions on sugar metabolism and transport in plants.


Suitability of sugar, amino acid and inorganic ion compositions to distinguish fir and spruce honey.
Shaaban B, Seeburger V, Schroeder A, Lohaus G (2021)
European Food Research and Technology,

What do nectarivorous bats like? Nectar composition in Bromeliaceae with special emphasis on bat-pollinated species.
Göttlinger T, Schwerdtfeger M, Tiedge K, Lohaus G (2019)
Frontiers in Plant Science 10: 205; doi: 10.3389/fpls.2019.00205

Seasonal changes of sucrose transporter expression and sugar partitioning in common European tree species.
Dobbelstein E, Fink D, Öner-Sieben S, Czempik L, Lohaus G (2018)
Tree Physiology 39: 284-299

Nectar sugars and amino acids in day- and night-flowering Nicotiana species are more strongly shaped by pollinators' preferences than organic acids and inorganic ions.
Tiedge K, Lohaus G (2017)
PLoS ONE 12 (5): e0176865

Characterization, localization, and seasonal changes of the sucrose transporter FeSUT1 in the phloem of Fraxinus excelsior.
Öner-Sieben S, Rappl C, Sauer N, Stadler R, Lohaus G (2015)
Journal of Experimental Botany 66 (15): 4807-4819

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