Chemistry - Master of Science

Chemistry - Master of Science

General Information

To apply for our 2 years Master of Science Chemistry program applicants are required to hold a bachelor`s degree or an equivalent qualification.

Our study program consists of a

  • Compulsory Section
  • Specialization Section with the choice between
    • Synthesis and Properties of Chemical Agents and Materials
      (Synthese und Eigenschaften von Wirkstoffen und Materialien
    • Molecular Environmental Chemistry
      (Molekulare Umweltchemie)
  • Optional Studies
  • Master Thesis

In principal, the course language is German. On request, exemptions may be offered. The master thesis may be written in English or German.

Currently, there are two examination regulations - starting in 2010 (PO 2010) and in 2018 (PO 2018)

Admission Regulations:

Bachelor`s degree in Chemistry or an equivaltent degree program of a

  • German University: Bachelor`s degree with a minimum grade of 3.0
  • Foreign University: Bachelor`s degree or an equivalent qualification plus an oral exam

International applicants should send their application documents directly to the Student admission and registration for international students  (Internationales Studierendensekretriat) of the University of Wuppertal. 

For further information on the University you should inquire the following BUW web pages:

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