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Degree Programs in the Department of Chemistry & Biology

Currently, the Department of Chemistry and Biology offers the following degree programs

  • With the Bachelor Program in Chemistry (3 years, 6 semesters) the students receive their first academic qualification which entitles for a variety of industrial and public service careers.
  • The Master Program in Chemistry (2 years, 4 semesters) broadens the basic skills and specializes in a selectable field. The master degree is closely related to the former diploma degree (Diplomchemiker)
  • The Diploma degrees are no longer available.
  • The Bachelor program Angewandte Naturwissenschaften (Applied Science) offers a combination of two majors out of Chemistry, Mathematics, Informatics or Physics. If one focuses in a specifc major it is possible to enrol in the related master program after successful completion of the bachelor.
  • The program in Food Chemistry (9 semesters) leads to the First State Exam ( Erstes Staatsexamen für Lebensmittelchemiker). The first two years are closely related to the chemistry program.
  • Teacher Programs in Chemistry and Biology are offered for the different school levels. In principal, two majors have to be selected. Depending on the type of school and your majors the programs are:

  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) Programs (Dr. rer. nat. or Dr. paed.)