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Studying Food Chemistry

The basic study of food chemistry is similar to that of chemistry. In addition, biological courses have to be taken whereas other subjects such as physics or physical chemistry are reduced. The undergraduate study concludes with an intermediate examination (Zwischenprüfung) covering Inorganic, Organic, Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

The main course in food chemistry focuses on the chemistry, analysis and technology of foods and their ingredients, additives, residues and contaminants in potable water, cosmetics, consumer products and animal feed, biochemistry and food sciences, toxicology and environmental chemistry, microbiology. law and industrial quaility management. The academic program is completed with the First State Examination. This is followed by a twelve-month practical training in an official food control unit or an approved institution completing with the Second State Examination.

The studies may be supplemented by a postgraduate Ph.D. program of about three years. After finishing the doctoral thesis and passing the oral examination the doctoral degree Dr. rer. nat. is awarded.