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Studying Chemistry


The bachelor degree (6 semesters, 180 credits) provides an overview of the entire field of chemistry. In the first term the fundamentals of chemistry are taught and refreshed in General Chemistry. Here,  those students with little previous knowledge have the opportunity to upgrade their skills to the required level. In the 2nd to 4th semester the main subjects are Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. In addition to lectures, intensively supervised lab courses form a focus of the program.
There are also mandatory undergraduate courses in mathematics and physics. In the last two semesters the fundamentals are broadened in the main fields of chemistry and practical skills are acquired in the modules "Synthetic Chemistry" or "Instrumental Analysis". Furthermore, one-hour lectures provide expertise in toxicology and law. Individual preferences may be emphasized by taking elective courses, and additional studies are offered within the "Optionalbereich". The Bachelor Thesis will complete the bachelor along with its presentation within the Bachelor Seminar

The master program includes a total of 4 semesters with the acquisition of 120 credits. The knowledge acquired by the bachelor program is deepened and one of two specialization fields have to be selected:

  • Synthesis and Properties of Chemical Agents and Materials
  • Molecular Environmental Chemistry

The master thesis is written under the guidance of an arbitrary supervisor and takes about six months (4th semester). The student will work on a experimental or theoretical problem which is part of a research program. The Master's degree corresponds to the former diploma degree (Diplomchemiker).

Usually a postgraduate Ph.D. program of about three years will follow. After finishing the doctoral thesis and passing the oral examination the doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.) is awarded.