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Application and Registration

for German Residents

The registration requires

  • Abitur mit allgemeiner oder fachgebundener Hochschulreife.

In case of Food Chemistry (Lebensmittelchemie) the admission is restricted by a local Numerus Clausus.
Applications are online.

For Chemisty programs there is no restriction. The programs start both in the winter term (WS, october) and the summer term (SS, april).

ProgramAdmission NC
Bachelor Chemistry (B.Sc.) WS + SSno
Master Chemistry (M.Sc.)WS + SSno
Applied Science (Angewandte Naturwissenschaften B.Sc.) - ChemistryWS + SSno
Food Chemistry (Lebensmittelchemie)WS + SSyes
Kombinatorischer Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - ChemistryWS onlyno
Kombinatorischer Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) -  BiologyWS onlyyes


for Non-German Residents

Please visit these pages

Admisson to the master program in Chemistry