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Sample Preparation

Solid material is dissolved in a deuterated solvent (CDCl3, acetone-d6, etc.). Liquid compounds are mixed with the deuterated solvent, the percentage being ca. 50% in case of CDCl3, or less for solvents containing several deuterons e.g. acetone-d6, C6D6, or CD3CN.
Traces of ferromagnetic material are to be avoided strictly (e.g. from nickel spatula).

Only high quality NMR tubes are accepted (Wilmad 507-PP quality oder better).
The minimum length of the 5mm NMR tubes is 17,5 cm.  Shorter tubes are rejected.
The filling height should exceed 3,5 cm; less height will reduce the quality of the spectrum.

Label your NMR tube with a doubly punched slip of paper (max. 5x3 cm, do not use adhesive labels!) with your substance code, fill in the NMR Order Form  (pdf), and deposit both in the red metal cabinet in the entrance of building V, level 08. Place the nmr tube in one of the beakers labeled "400 MHz", "600 MHz", or "Egal"  (I don't care).

Substance code

The substance code should consist of up to 8 characters (max. 15 characters). The first two letters indicate the institute or group (Fach), the next two or three letters identify the user (initials). The remaining letters or numbers are at your own choice. Please, use solely letters and numbers.
Example: ockm123a:
oc -> Organic Chemistry, km -> Klaus Mustermann, 123a -> Experiment #.
Substance codes which do not start with the appropiate two letters will be copied to the directory 'sonstige'.

Please notice: Use of small letters is mandatory. Spaces and special characters are not allowed and will be omitted.
Long names are error-prone!

Non or hardly readable forms will be rejected. Please use block letters for better readability!

Institute Identifier in Substance Codes

Institute (Group)
Institute (Group)
Analytical Chemistry an Macromolecular Chemistry mc
Inorganic Chemistry ac Mcrobiology cm
Botany bo Organic Chemistry oc / os
Functional Polymers fp Physical Chemistry pc
Food Chemistry lc Lab Course Synthetic Chemistry ps