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Analytical Service of the Chemistry Department

Chemical compounds prepared in the research and student labs have to be analyzed and indentified with respect to their composition and structure. The characterization of new compounds is routinely supplied by the central analytical services of the department. Further special equipment is available in the individual research groups. Students will learn about methods and aparatuses in theory and practice in the advanced bachelor and master courses.

In general, the responsibiltiy for the individual machines is put on those institutions which are the main users.

For members of the Department the analytical service is at no charge.
Other departments or non-university users will be invoiced. For details and prices, please, contact the respective person, see below.

Method Contact
ChromatographyDr. A. Kotthaus
Elemental Analysis
NMR Spectroscopy Dr. A. Kotthaus
Mass SpectrometryDr. A. Kotthaus
Prof. Dr. Th. Benter
Structure Analysis by X-ray DiffractionPD Dr. E. Bernhardt
Prof. Dr. F. Mohr